Easyminer Moneymaker Mode

Posted on 7 May, 2017 by Administratoruk

Easyminer Moneymaker Mode

The MoneyMaker mode is a setup style that will allow one earn LTC (Litecoins only) by connecting to our personal stratum.This is the preferred choice of setup when you start Easyminer and it is also the easiest!


This mode features an online Wallet ( "Show Wallet" button inside Easyminer) wich is updated every 2 hours ( to prevent spam), earnings are transfered with email confirmation on your Litecoin Public Adress after the earnings reach at least 0.01 LTC.

If the pool grows we will take in consideration adding also BTC mining in Easyminer Moneymaker mode!

Tutorial steps:

1. Open Easyminer

2. Press the MoneyMaker Setup Button


3.In EasySetup Window click the Generate a Public Address button


4. Move the mouse around to generate a LTC Public Adress or click Skip to fast generate one
without the moving algorithm




5. Select and copy (rigth click or press ctr+c keys) the Public Adress





6.Return to Easyminer and paste(press ctrl+v keys) the copied Litecoin Adress from the previous step,  in the Public Address box

7. Insert a valid email in the box Email
and press Save&Start button, alternatively press NO&Use Classic mode to skip the Moneymaker
setup and use Easyminer as a Clasic Miner (see Tutorial 2 for this mode)




Hint: Please read DISCLAIMER before mining!




Take note the mining earnings are dependent by a number of  unstable  variables and its hard to predict (Difficulty,PPS,PPS Rate,Shares,Your Hashrate,Total Hashrate,Hash Dificulty,Number of Users Connected to a Pool etc.)

- mining comes in 2 flavours in Easyminer: Classic mode and the MoneyMaker Setup mode (read both tutorials to learn more about them)

- Easyminer Wallet its available in the Moneymaker mode only

- mining could generate alot of heat .Use Easyminer at your own risk.

- use GPU mining only if you have a powerfull Radeon or Nvidia Card

- earnings are dependant on the pools users hashrate , earnings grow in time

 so do not expect to much at begining

- Moneymaker mode supports only LTC farming for now.For BTC or any other cryptocurrency use the classic mode

-  the Payout is 0.01Ltc (Ltc only) so please generate a valid LTC Adress and a valid email, an automatic Payout button will appear in Easyminer Wallet window when the limit is reached(only in Moneymaker Mode), payouts can be done also from the easyminer.net personal wallet

- to preserve network stability, any account inactive more then 30 days can be deleted without notice. SO PLEASE STAY ACTIVE ON POOL!  There will be no refunds for deleted accounts (only in Moneymaker mode)

- any unusual activity in your account (like hacking,faking data,sniffing etc) will get your account suspended and delete all your earnings.(only in Moneymaker mode)


Easyminer is not affiliated with butterflylabs and is not the same software as ASIC butterflylabs EasyMiner , Easyminer is a different software, free and opensource and it doesnt  rely on a dedicated custom powered ASIC hardware.There is no association between butterflylabs and Open Radio Directory (creators of this software) except a simple coincidence of names!

Good Luck!

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