About Easyminer

Posted on 12 March, 2018 by Administratoruk

About Easyminer

Description and Security :

Easyminer its a quality mining software developed with simplicity in mind.It features an overlayed arhitecture allowing users to mine various cryptocoins with the help of ccminer,minerd or cgminer sessions using an average Pc (gpu or cpu) or even a powerfull ASIC hardware. Due the fact all sessions are running through the Easyminer UI, mining will not be prone to hacking or other malicious attempts from hackers, like running hidden mining services inside victims computers. As an extralayer of security Easyminer uses the NHIL protocol on his pool stratum and wallet arhitecture. The NHIL protocol translated as Network Hardware ID Layer assigns a unique hardware signature to every user on pool making imposible to malicious users to steal from wallets or use victims computers on their mining farms. Thus, using Easyminer through a proxy, vpn, vps,botnet or in an anonymous hidden way from the user eye way will not be possible.

As an exra option, Easyminer will terminate any unknown mining(orphans) running processes out of his scope if it setup this way.

A revolutionary solution to prevent funds theft, its the read-only wallet, meaning every wallet transaction its executed by Administrators (humans supervisers) and will be confirmed on to the registrant mail, thus moving large quantities of cryptocoins between wallets without user knowing, its almost impossible.

To prevent spamming, doublespending or ddosing the backend server the wallet is refreshed at a specific interval, usually 2  hours.


Features :

Like anyother software on market, Easyminer has a clean,modern and neat interface, all stuff inside Easyminer are designed to simplify the mining learning curve and allow users "get in to it"  as fast it could be.

To ensure a nice and professional quality mining experience Easyminer features a log window for maximum transparency regarding the mining process, a powerfull stats bar, a market cap banner, a wallet, a chat window and many more other features.

The chat window will connect newbies with the more experienced users making the exchange of experience regarding mining a breeze.

The market cap bar will  display in real time, prices in real money for the most important cyrptocoins( including bitcoin or litecoin) , keeping users up to date regarding the latest changes in the cryptocurrencies market.

To make things even more simpler Easyminer has a mode called the Moneymaker, the Moneymaker mode  will allow a beginer or even an experienced user start mining right way, without wasting  time learning new stuff.


Coins supported:
Currently Easyminer supports bitcoin, litecoin mining and all other coins based on sha256 and scrypt algorithm.
Easyminer can mine also all cryptocoins supported by the built in ccminer:    

            bitcoin     Bitcoin

            blake       Blake 256 (SFR/NEOS)

            blakecoin   Fast Blake 256 (8 rounds)

            c11         X11 variant

            deep        Deepcoin

            dmd-gr      Diamond-Groestl

            fresh       Freshcoin (shavite 80)

            fugue256    Fuguecoin

            groestl     Groestlcoin

            jackpot     Jackpot

            keccak      Keccak-256 (Maxcoin)

            luffa       Doomcoin

            lyra2v2     VertCoin

            myr-gr      Myriad-Groestl

            neoscrypt   neoscrypt (FeatherCoin)

            nist5       NIST5 (TalkCoin)

            penta       Pentablake hash (5x Blake 512)

            quark       Quark

            qubit       Qubit

            sia         Siacoin (at pools compatible to siamining.com) 

            skein       Skein SHA2 (Skeincoin)

            s3          S3 (1Coin)

            spread      Spread

            x11         X11 (DarkCoin)

            x13         X13 (MaruCoin)

            x14         X14

            x15         X15

            x17         X17 (peoplecurrency)

            vanilla     Blake 256 8 rounds

            yescrypt    yescrypt

            whirl       Whirlcoin (old whirlpool)

            whirlpoolx  Vanillacoin 

Overlays Sessions :

The UI currently supports minerd,ccminer,cudaminer,cgminer(both cuda-nvidia,opencl-amd) and asic mining for Bitcoins.
Easyminer working modes:

-Moneymaker mode(dedicated to LTC mining on our stratum pool,described earlier in this article )

-Solo mode wich allows users to choose a pool of their own, and a custom hash algo corespondent  the coin they want to mine. You can also mine solo without a pool (not advisable) 
Installation :
To install just unzip Easyminer_setup archive and run the setup file. Bypass the Smart Screen Filter(win10) by clicking See more.
Please note some Antiviruses might popup virus or PUP(potentialy unwanted) warnings.

If you downloaded Easyminer from a trusted zone(sourceforge,softpedia or easyminer.net) you have nothing to fear these are just false positive or false alarms. 

Regarding the false alarms, Easyminer is an open source legit software, we have put alot of work to make sure the myth that cryptocoins miners are not safe to use is just a myth. Easyminer is using the latest security tehnologies to make sure the cryptocoin mining process its clean and transparent.

Reasons or explanations for the false positive alarms, regarding various Antiviruses, you might find on our website reading the www.easyminer.net/blog.

A final word
If you feel uneasy or unsure about this false alarms your Antivirus might complain about, please do not use/download this software.

We suggest to take time and read also about the Recomended Antivirus list to be used in crytpo mining.

Easyminer is free to use developed under the Donationware protocol and GPL.

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