Beware of scammers

Posted on 30 October, 2017 by Administrator

Beware of scammers

People are reporting scamm websites selling easyminer downloads and premium plans in behalf of Easyminer Team.

As the main developer i want to bring some lights in to this matter:

-Easyminer is free donationware.The only payment we accept is a small  donation for maintaining websites .

-The membership plans we offer are mandatory

-We do not ask or charge money for downloading or using Easyminer. Easyminer has only a Nagscreen wich can be disabled by donating but it does NOT affect functionality in anyway.

-Downloading Easyminer from nonlegit websites will most likely get you infected with dangerous viruses and make you loose money.

-Easyminer supports Litecoin as a basecoin in Moneymaker mode and Bitcoin with ASIC hardware only!

Please use mail or contact us section to  report nonlegit websites selling Easyminer Plans or downloads.

Leggit and safe websites to download:

Nonleggit,scamming websites:

mine2rise  - those ones are claiming they own a powerfull software to mine bitcoin, they do not offer trials so you never know what you will download.They asks for 150$-1000$ !!! for premium plans.

If you got scammed go to paypal, report them and ask for a refund.

We are not sure if they are or not for real (we where not courious on buying a 150$ plan) but some of our users reported them, so be carrefull!


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