Slow hashrate Amd Cards solution fix

Posted on 10 December, 2017 by Administratoruk

Slow hashrate Amd Cards solution fix

Slow hashrate Amd Cards solution fix

For those who are experiencing slow speeds on Amd Ati cards here it is a fast fix from an easyminer  user (thanks Robert ):

Notice :You must use the send custom command to cgminer/cudaminer in Easyminer Setup

I just wanted to let you know I solved the AMD Video card issue.  I reported incorrectly to you that they were registering 0 khs in the moneymaker gui.  They were reporting 20 khs. The R9 280 is currently reporting 450 khs and I’d guess I could squeeze some more out of it (and probably will when I have time to tinker).


I discovered my number of shaders, core clock, memory clock, etc and then added this information to the custom command line in setup (appropriate for this video card but others may vary) -I 13 -g 2 --thread-concurrency 7168 --gpu-engine 980 --temp-target 72 --auto-fan --gpu-fan 40-80 --temp-cutoff 90 --temp-overheat 85


While experimenting, putting only –I 13 in the custom command, my khs went from 20 to 230.  Raising intensity to 15 got it to 480 but another copy of cgminer I downloaded for testing purposes reported a lot of hardware errors when the intensity was set that high.  Reducing to 13 eliminated hardware errors, so that seems to be the sweet spot for my card. Discovering my shader count and multiplying by 4, I came up with the thread concurrency number 7168.  With the thread concurrency and the intensity set, my khs got to about 380.  After I set my gpu clock speed, I got to 450 khs.  --  The other settings (temperature, fan speed) are just for the sake of the safety of my video card. 


Thanks again for your time.  I hope that information is useful to help the next person who has the same issue.




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