Easyminer 0.66 update

Posted on 22 May, 2017 by Administrator

Easyminer 0.66 update

Version 0.66 update changes:

-added different mining styles (gpu only,cpu only,gpu and cpu)



- reclaim waisted cpu power (thanks to Kenneth Thorson from http://nanocheeze.com/ncz/) will allow one to mine coins only when PC is idle.This means you will earn coins when you are not around your computer reclaiming some of the wasted power. When the user will get back to work, Easyminer will stop mining making computer usuable.This features is still beta, it might or might not work properly with your computer configuration.

-fixed some bugs related to chat (stats anouncements and chat features works now)

-improved some of the threading innercore performance

-added Disclaimer Screen at startup(displayed only once)


Download this new version from  our Downloads section or use Check Update feature from the right menu of Easyminer!


Please report any bugs or malfunction !

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